Thursday, 12 July 2012

What do you mean you didn’t know? It’s on Facebook!

Last night was date night. I went for a few drinks in Shoreditch with this guy that I kissed at my friends party a while back. He then pestered me to go on a date for a few months. When I finally did I really enjoyed it. We had “Banter” so they call it and he's quite kissable. Last night was our fourth date and I thought it was going just swimmingly.
Anyway, a bottle of wine into our date and we were having a chat about the potentials of where the night might lead. And he said “well obviously you can’t come back to mine”. I responded with “why, worried your girlfriend might walk in on us?” to which he say “well yeah”.
This is the first I had heard about this elusive girlfriend. He’s never mentioned her before and I tend to try and be optimistic and believe that if a guy asks you out he is in fact single to start with. When I questioned why he hadn’t thought to have mentioned it, he said “It’s on my Facebook page. I assumed you had read it”. Really? Now I have to Facebook stalk someone before a date? As if shaving my legs isn’t enough.

So obviously that's where the night ended

... Or did it?

... I joke. Course it did

... Or am I?

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