Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I love my muff!

THIS IS A REAL PRODUCT. I want to work in their head office just so I can answer the phone every day with  - 

"Good morning, I love my muff, How can I help you?" 

I love my muff and I do love it clean but I don't usually have the excuse to tell people. I'm going to apply for a job there right now. Can you imagine the conversations. 

Someone - "So where do you work?"

Me - "I love my muff"

Someone -  "Erm, that's great but that wasn't the question. Who do you work for?" 

Me - " No really, I love my muff" 

Someone - "you're mental!"

I really really love my muff. 

I just love saying it. It's such a good word. muff muff muff muff muff muff. 

Where ever you are say it out loud now. It's so much fun. 

If there is still anyone out there in the world that doesn't know what muff means then read this.

In fact even if you know what a muff is till read it Trust me it's worth it. Go on have a look. It contains the sentence  can range from dainty and tight to floppy and roast beef colored". 

Also on the note of inappropriate female products. You've only got one beaver so look after it. 

You gotta love the Aussies. 


  1. Oh my GOD you have me dying here! Bahaha. Why on earth is "I Love My Muff" a product! I mean, damn. You really need to get that job!

    Although, it would be funnier if a guy was answering phones there. Preferably with a really deep, gruff voice, "Good afternoon. (sigh) I Love My Muff. How can I direct your call?"

  2. I want to meet whoever it is that was brave enough to call their company that. They must be an amazing person.

    I didn't think about the men that work there. There must be men that work there. Even just as the cleaner.

    OH GOD. Imagine if you were the cleaner at I love my muff. "I clean (I Love) my muff for a living".

  3. Oh Yeah, that gives muff diver a whole new meaning!!!

  4. I had to google "I Love My Muff" to verify this is a real thing. I already love my muff, but I now know that I would love my muff EVEN MORE if it smelled like vanilla and ylang ylang or lavender and cucumber (especially cucumber, because.... haha).
    And for the love of chocolate baby jesus, they should sell t-shirts.