Being an English lassie I have a feeling there might be a transatlantic word barrier. The obvious example being the American usage of the word pants for what are in fact trousers. Or the Aussies (Yes I am aware that's not over the Atlantic but it's all relative) using the word thong for flip flops. For us British that's like saying "I'm wearing knickers on my feet". I'm really worried that some meanings will get lost along the way. Worried to the point of petrified. It genuinely keeps me up all night. 

Therefore I have decided to compile a glossary that I hope you find helpful. It will be updated along the way. If you read any words you don't understand then please feel free to ask. Even if they aren't used in my blog. I'll do my best to translate. And if I don't know I'll make it up. But you won't know this. 

Lassie - What the Scots refer to a young girl as. Or the name of a dog. FYI I am not referring to myself as a dog.

Muff -   1. Contrary to popular believe, the word muff is not associated with hair at all. Instead, the word "muff" is an inoffensive, slang word for a vagina. Muffs can range from dainty and tight to floppy and roast beef colored. Some muffs smell fishy or sweaty, and others smell like skin or roses. Some muffs are hairy, others are bare, and some have razor burn or ingrown hairs. Females (and transexuals) of all ages have muffs. There are baby muffs and grandma muffs. Most muffs have a week of bleeding, unless the owner is on some sort of contraceptive (see: Depovera, Seasonal). It is also the root word for Muffdiver, Muffed, and Muffdoctor.
 Not my wording. This is courtesy of urban dictionary. But I think it says it all. 
            2.  Hand warmer

Window Licker - Someone that sits at the back of a "special" bus and licks the window. This isn't in my blog but I did get called it today. 

... More to follow.


  1. One of my favorite trans-Atlantic language differences surrounds the word "fanny." It absolutely does NOT mean the same thing here. In fact, it's a preferable term here to "ass" or even "butt" ... and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the vag.

  2. That's just wrong though. A fanny pack. Vag bag.