Tuesday, 10 July 2012

30 things to do before 30

Every so often I realise how quickly time goes by. I will talk about an ex and realise it's been 6 months since we split up. Or I will think of an old friend and realise that 2 years have gone by since we last spoke. And then I think about how little my life has changed in that time. After saying this to my best bud Charlie, we put a list together of 30 most important things we want to do before we are 30 (which is in 4 and a bit years).

1. Do the sound of music tour in Austria (live the dream)
2. Visit every continent at least once
3. Visit every country in Europe at least once
7. Go to a laughter therapy session
4. Make a million
5. Ride a horse again.
6. Sky dive
8. Go into space
9. Join the illuminati
10. Have over 500 followers on twitter
11. Own every Disney film on DVD
12. Hot air balloon ride
13. Road trip around Poland
14.Skinny dip 
15. lose at least 2 stone
16. Learn Sign Language
17. Learn Polish
18. Drive a mega expensive car around a race track
19. Watch an England match at Twickenham 
20. Train a puppy to fetch a beer from the fridge
21. Start a business
22. Learn to sew.
23. Learn to ski
24. Get something published
25. Ride a cow drunk (apparently this is illegal) 
26. Shoot something
27. Change the light bulb in the bathroom (really needs doing)
28. Punch Tom Cruise
29. Become a black belt ninja 
30. Do all of the above

Some of these might have to roll over to do before we're 40 instead as doing them ALL in the next 4 years might be a little unrealistic. But other than that looking forward to each one. 

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  1. Ha! I love these. I think #20 is my favorite - let me know if you figure that out. :)