Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm allowed to gush... He doesn't belong to me.

* This isn’t THE toddler... It’s just one I picked up on the internet.

My 4 year old godson Benny was sitting in the driving seat of my car today (looking damn cute and chubby) honking the horn and pretending to steer. Sometimes he comes up with some shit that makes me wonder if he is quite sane. But on this occasion I found him witty and intellectual beyond his years.

Benny - Can I drive, beep beep?

Me - Benny, no you can’t drive the car. Thats for grown ups.

Benny - Can I grow up please?

Me  - Not now, we have to go to Tesco.

Benny - Can I grow up after Tesco?

Me - You are growing baby

Benny- (looks confused) Then I can drive please.

Me - You are growing but you’re not quite a grown up yet.

Benny - Will I be grown up by tomorrow?

Me - Yeah why not

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