Saturday, 14 July 2012

10 things I hate about you

You’re an arrogant arse
You have a stupidly shaped head
You don’t offer to buy me drinks on our dates but suggest buying rounds.
You call your chubbiness “cuddly fun”
When it comes to music you stubbornly won’t listen to anything else but German Electro
You’ve got a stupid posh boy name
You tease me about the silly things I say
You are sooo loud and think everyone should listen to you.
You don’t like comic book films (What sort of man are you?)
You have a GIRLFRIEND!!!!!
You basically just suck

BUT you are so TALL. And hot. And funny. And you make my tummy feel like there's hundreds of bees in there (in a good way). And you look at me in “that way”. I can’t help but like you.


Yes I watched the film last night. It inspired me to write about you. And what?

P.S I'd like you even more if you looked like Heath Ledger. Just sayin.

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